Painful Cranium Consulting was founded in 2014. After many years working for other organizations, our owner decided to start his own company instilled with values including honesty, integrity, and transparency. Our work is driven by providing the best quality service at a reasonable cost, without compromising the values our company is founded upon.

Our Mission

The mission of Painful Cranium Consulting is to provide the best quality of service combined with extreme integrity! It is not unheard of for us to decline a project if we feel that we are not the best resource for the job, or to provide insight even if we do not end up working on the project in the end.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple…to empower others in order to help them be successful and achieve their goals. We are determined to do the best we can to leave anything we touch in a better state than when we began. It is through incremental improvements that we can help others achieve big results!

Our Values

Our values are simple, but powerful:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
Chris Haubner, Owner

Chris has over 20 years of IT experience across multiple industries, platforms and technologies. Chris is an engineer with a background in systems infrastructure, software development (polyglot), AWS, and full-stack knowledge.

When Chris is not working, or spending time tinkering with some new technology, he enjoys learning guitar, nutritional education, and spending time with his family.